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Hi, my name is Walshy.

I began my journey with photography when I signed up for a drop-in group at the Matthew Project in Norwich in 2020, after a 20-year struggle with drug addiction and homelessness. This quickly turned into my passion, changing and saving my life. It eventually led me to pursue a photography degree at Norwich University of the Arts in September 2022.

I started with street photography, but my love for the craft quickly expanded. I was invited to capture various festivals across the UK. More recently, my interest has shifted towards portrait photography.

I enjoy experimenting with different lighting effects and styles, using coloured gels with my flashes to develop a unique style. 

Upon completing my degree, I hope to start photography groups in drug rehabilitation centres and various mental health organisations. My goal is to help others overcome their struggles through photography, as it has helped me. I hope you enjoy browsing through my galleries. I would love to hear from you.